International conferences:

May 2015 – 37th International Symposium of Excavations, Surveys and Archaeometry. Erzurum 11–15 May 2015


Marmora Asiatica 1. Polish Archaeopetrologists in Turkey or the First Season of Fieldwork in Göktepe and Dokimeion

May 2015 – XI International Conference ASMOSIA, Split 18–23 May 2015


Dokimeion AD 2014. The first season of the project ‘Marmora Asiatica Towards Archaeopetrology in Poland’

May 2017 – 39th International Symposium of Excavations, Surveys and Archaeometry. Bursa 22–26 May 2017


Marmora Asiatica. Towards Archaeopetrology in Poland. Third season (2016): Prokonnesos

November 2017 – Symposium on Geoarchaeology. Istanbul 2–4 November 2017


Marmora Asiatica: Preliminary Results

May 2018 – 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology. Bonn 22–26 May.


Marmora Asiatica. Polish studies on marble quarries in Asia Minor.

October 2018 – XII International Conference ASMOSIA, Izmir 7–14 October 2018


1. A new characterisation of the Aphrodisian marbles by multi-method approach: comparison with other marbles used in classical times
2. Marble and quarries of Göktepe. New archaeometric and archaeological data
3. Laser scanning of ancient marble quarries. Surveying and documenting of heritage mining sites by the use of remote sensing techniques in Mamrmora Asiatica project